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All our Silk by Nancy products are amazing in their own way but there is a reason why our bow blouse is our bestseller. I think its because it is so easy to style with a lot of things. You can wear it down with a pair of jogging pants or to a business meeting with a blazer.

In this blog post im gonna share 3 ways to wear your Silk by Nancy bow blouse!  For this I'm gonna take our fuchsia bow blouse as an example. 


Airplane chic

When traveling I like to wear something comfy as most of you probably do as well. The only problem with this is when you get out of the airplane you can look like a hot mess. To solve this problem I like to wear something chic but comfy, and wearing my silk bow blouse on top of a pair of jogging pants is a way to do this.


In this picture im wearing grey jogging pant paired with black comfy shoes, a denim jacket and of course our gorgeous fuchsia bow blouse. 


Business meeting attire

Most of the time I find it very hard to look stylish while still looking professional, but matching my fuchsia bow blouse with a blazer and a pair of patterned pants gives me a nice ready for business look with a pop of color. 


In this photo im wearing patterned pants with a velvet pink blazer on top and our stunning fuchsia bow blouse. Indubitably you can wear a simple black blazer to finish your look but I thought the pink velvet looked professional but very in style. 


Day to day

I love to wear my bow blouse on a day to day bases, it's just so comfortable and the silk makes me feel super luxurious. I love to pair the blouse with some mom jeans, this just makes it a very simple but fun outfit. 


In this picture im wearing some denim mom jeans paired with the same black shoes from the airport picture and our amazing fuchsia bow blouse. To give it a more casual look I like to keep the bow strings loose instead of tied up. 


That is how I like to style our bow blouses, in 3 different ways, you can of course use any color of our bow blouses but the fuchsia just makes it feel like spring everyday! 

Fuchsia bow blouse: