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Ale serra describes what it feels like to fall in love with a piece which you cant stop wearing. Luckily our Humming Bird Bow Blouse can be combined with almost anything from your wardrobe. Read what Ale said (translated from her blog in Portuguese):


Do you know the feeling when you fall in love with a piece full of glamour and you can not stop wearing it, so beautiful! Today I wore an outfit with a lace silk blouse that has been my favorite in recent times, a wonderful piece that combines with almost everything. And today I decided to wear it again but this time with a pair of chic pants. Since it is already springtime (in Brazil) which I love so much! Another time I decided to wear the blouse out of the pants, giving a chic and stripped air at the same time, without losing the charm of the piece. We will see how you like it! I love this style of outfit, they can be combined with a lot of clothing I use in my day to day life!  

So, what did you think?