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This is the type of post I always like to do. Instead of showing one individual outfit each post,sometimes I find it more meaningful and useful to introduce an item that you find very versatile and a must for the wardrobe even though it can take much longer time to produce a post. I have mentioned about this few times in the previous posts. I find it amazing that most of the fashionistas online have endless new clothes. They look fantastic but it is nothing to impress about but instead I believe a well selected wardrobe with endless style is what is called style.

I am lucky to get this bow blouse from SilkbyNancy which is a perfect item for all seasons. A simple but not so simple blouse in great quality and material is definitely a must for all wardrobes.

I pick the white one to be the one to introduce. Even though I wear dark colours very often but somehow when I pick my wardroe staples, white or light colours always go first. But this is something very personal. To many people I know, they would probably go for a nice black one instead or for some people who have a good selection of blouses already, they would probably want to go for a beautiful colour or even in print or more then one like I usually would do. 

Blow photos are how I style this White Bow Blouse for all seasons and thanks to London’s dramatic weather, we do have all seasons in a week!


Tone on Tone

Tone on tone is always my favourite combo. It is easy and always look good. And uni colour set is a big trend in 2017 too. If you find it plain, you can mix and match of completely different materials in similar colours or simply add a contrasted colour belt or accessories. I love that the bow detail on the blouse gives an extra layer to the blouse itself. Here I wear it with a pair of linen trousers in matching colour. To me this is perfect for Spring/Summer.



Smart Casual with a Luxury Touch

I can wear this look everyday for all seasons and according to the reactions and comments on my Instagram posts, this is one of my best looks so far. You know I don’t have a formal kind of job. I can wear jeans and any kind of shoes anytime. But I can see it will be a very chic office look with a pair of formal trousers and pumps. I wear it here with bow tied up and undone. I love the look when the bow is undone. It feels like I am wearing a matching colour scarf. This is another thing I love about this blouse. The tie is very wide which gives a luxurious look and feels almost like a collar on the neck.



Layering for the Win

How much I love the bow detail on SilkbyNancy blouse. I want to wear it with everything and I literally can! Obviously, you can wear it under any sweater, vest, pinafore, jacket, coat and etc. But I highly recommend you to layer it under your dresses, jumpsuits or tops to give a new look. This is actually the first look I did with this blouse. I got this jumpsuit few seasons ago and worn it only few times as it is quite a statement piece but with a bow detail on it, now it feels like a new jumpsuit again and the layering is perfect for the coming Autumn season or spring.



I have tried 3 different looks in just one week. I can’t wait for more myself. Hope you like them. x HsinWei


The post is in collaboration with SilkbyNancy. You can find more choices here.