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Maeddi from Switserland has written a great blog about our pure silk collection and the affordable price that we offer. She styles our bow blouse in a authentic way. Read more about her blog here:

Those of you who know me for a while or follow me on instagram already probably registered that my outfits are largely a so called  edgy style mix. I only wear dingy and uninteresting combinations if an occasion, social event or profession requires it. The same way I mix elements from different styles in one outfit I also combine clothes from high street designer with the clothes from fashion chains.

On one hand it’s true that I can’t afford to be dressed in expensive brands from head to toe, on the other hand that isn’t even my goal.

To be dressed in high designers’ brands for example by Dior from head to toe is not only unaffortable for most of us but an outfit like that strikes as somewhat snobbish and inaccessible. I’m sure it finds its audience among the handful of those who go to Dior even when buying a toothbrush (I exaggerate of course), nonetheless the wider public will identify rather with bloggers who present an achievable standard (which doesn’t just mean entirely cheap). I run a blog for a real woman, in other words a woman who doesn’t have model’s body figure and neither does she earns hundreds of thousands a month. Although there will surely be those for whom this or that model of mine may be above the budget. I already mentioned what is the key by which I acquire and invest in the article here. High fashion pieces add impresiveness and mixing with well chosen clothes from big chains makes it cool. My goal is not to hear: “you know what you wear is really nice but it’s too expensive..”… I’d rather hear sentences like: “thanks for the tip and inspiration for what should I invest into more and what should I invest into less, if I’ll be able I’ll attempt to award or spoil myself, but only in the right area”.

The quality is the key word for me and even though expensive branded clothes should be a guarantee of quality it’s not always the case. And on contrary we can find pieces in good quality from Zara. It’s just always important to see the stitches and check the composition of the material. The less synthetic fibers the better.

When I was approcahed by the brand Silk by Nancy I didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately agreed with the collaboration. This company sews only clothes from pure silk which isn’t only sensible to the touch but also visible. The prices relative to the high quality of silk are very fair. On their website you can find a beautiful collection of nightwear but also blouse in various colours and cuts. For my new outfit I chose black blouse with bow tie at the neck. And thus, to not pose as too elegant (because an elegant outfit from head to toe in my age make a women looking older) I put on highwaisted demim shorts to it and closed black heeled boots. Black and red riveted handbag spices up the outfit not only colour-wise but also adds a bit of rock “drive”. The outfit is therefore composed on the principle of edgy style mix. How do you like it?


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