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Julie en Rose blogs about her mornings in our Silk Eiffel Tower PJ. We love to share her beautiful photos with you. Feel inspired!

How do you like to start your day? I love to take my time in the morning. Enjoy the early morning with a cup of espresso and feel the gentle morning light on my cheeks. Do you know what I mean? This light feeling when the sun tickles and gently warms you ... In order to feel good about me in the morning, nice lounge wear is also part of my life. With my new Silk Pajama by Silk by Nancy, I feel glamorous and well dressed early in the morning. At the same time, it is super comfortable to wear thanks to the exquisite quality and the loose fit.

La Parisienne

Do you want to know why I already fell in love with this model at first sight? I have a certain affinity for Parisian Haute Couture and the French Savoir-Vivre. When I unpacked the pajamas and saw the noble print with the golden mini-Eiffel tower, I was therefore immediately in love. Because, despite my amour français, I had not yet had a single piece of clothing, the motif par excellence, 'La Tour Eiffel'. So far, I've seen a lot of models simply not refined enough, but this version with the golden 'Petits' has immediately charmed me. Decent and yet 100% Parisienne Style - just perfect! The delicate lavender blossoms are, by the way, a wonderful addition to the sujet à la francais. Nothing stands so much for Provence as splendid lavender fields, which, viewed from above, often seem like enchanted violet flower-beds. That's why a visit to the South of France is also on my travels. What would you really like to see? Thanks to Hoch & Werk for the wonderful photographic realization of this story! More styles with luxurious silk, you can see here.