Posted on by Bold Support

Wearing bold colours and still looking professional can be hard, but I'm here to tell you how easy it can be! If you follow these simple rules, wearing bold color will be as simple as abc. 


1. Keep the rest of your outfit basic and simple

If you wear a bold color, keeping the rest of your outfit simple is key! Let's take our jolly green bow blouse as an example, wearing such a ''out there'' color with some white jeans and a trench coat will make your outfit look professional but still fun!


2. Keep your hair and make up simple

I think hair and make up can make a whole outfit look better. By wearing such a staple piece in your outfit, for example our yellow bow blouse, you need to keep your hair out of your face and your make up natural. By doing this your blouse will stand out even more and it won't look messy!

3. Wear it with confidence!

Being confident in what you wear is always important! When you wear a bold color it already shows that you're confident! So own it, everything looks better with a little bit of confidence!