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Lowest cost per wear... yes this is a nice way to put it. Fashion bloggers around the world love this term and we agree. When you pay for luxurious clothing it is only fair to get the most out of it. Read more about Leonie from Germany who describes how she keeps the lowest costs per wear for her Silk by Nancy Pajama Blouse. 


Pajamas, kimonos, yes we can not get enough of the sleepwear looks! It is exactly like that. Tschakka! Katrin has already presented you 3 of her favorite pajama looks last week and since we both have the same model, only in a different color, I introduce you today my favorite combos. Just the pajama look Berlin style, because she is in Cologne and I am the main town owl. What characterizes the style at all? Basically consisting of a wide palazzo style trousers and a buttoned shirt. The best part, both designs are made of silk and feels fantastic on the body plus you could bounce directly into the bed. But let's do dive in to the looks first! FOURhang up!

For that is actually the meaning and purpose of our wonderful sleeping suit. But for me it is far too great of a design to stay in the bedroom! The orginal is timeless, but let's do a more streetstyle. My silk pajama blouse from SilkbyNancy has the wonderful name Lupina silvergrey and is 100% silk. 1000 Thanks to dear Nancy, I can really appreciate this great piece on the skin.

Pajama outfit: dress meets pants

I love to combine pants with dresses. And today it is this hanging dress with the volant sleeves of Odeeh (unfortunately they do not have an online shop, but call gladly in the Berlin shop). Together with the casual silk pants, nude pumps by Louboutin and the pink lacquer clutch (sold out unfortunatly), this gives a casual but also very elegant look!


During the day not only the cats are gray:

A similar trousers like the silk pants is my gray-and-white striped palace pants. Unfortunately also sold out, but how could it not be? Easily combines with the silk shirt , the panther bag and I go and meet with my girlfriends.

And when it gets a little colder, just wear a sweatshirt. What would Coco say about the look?

Kimono to the pajama look: unexpected but fits

Finally, my highlight pajama look. I am already scratching my feet.
To the used-look jeans again the pajama top and this magnificent Kimono over thrown. I wrote recently also from the autumn trends and the kimono may continue to complete our looks!


So now I have written so much of the pajama look and thought, I'll be smoothly tired! You know what? I now take the pajama blouse back to bed.

Have a nice Sunday and a great week! Bye for now!