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By now, I think, everyone knows that Amsterdam is one of our favourite cities in the world and we love to use it as a setting for our photoshoots. Normally we like to use hotels for our shoots but this time we actually took the pictures in Amsterdam along the famous canals! Here are some of our (never before seen) photos from our latest photos. 

We used three blouses for this photoshoot, our yellow-, white- and panther print bow blouse.


In this photo we captured our beautiful panther bow blouse with this gorgeous canal in Amsterdam as the background.


Amsterdam is a historical city with some great buildings and they make for some beautiful backgrounds, like this one.


Sometimes we have the luck of finding beautiful little gems in Amsterdam to use as props like this yellow scooter that made a great colour contrast for this photo. 


As I said before, Amsterdam has some great historical buildings which make for great backdrops like in this picture.


Same goes for this background/door, It makes the white bow blouse pop up so nicely.


We always love to show the details of our blouses since the silk is so beautiful. In this picture you can see how beautiful the detail is on our blouse.


Those were some of our never before seen picture of our latest shoot!