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Silk by Nancy got featured on Julie en Rose by Veronika Julia. We are very grateful for the kind words:

Finally, the summer has arrived! The hot temperatures the past few days probably made you crave for the beach and the sea, didn’t it? In case you spent these hot days in the city, you went for an airy, yet chic outfit in all probability. In that spirit, I would like to share today with you my new, favorite summer outfit to wear in the city.

Newly discovered, as a great companion in the hot summer days, I have found myself a white blouse. But not just any white blouse. Even though this model is equipped with long sleeves, it is more comfortable to wear (especially in the brisk noon), than many short sleeve shirts. Why is that, you may think? Because it is made of pure, luxurious silk. Do you know the delicate feeling of silk on skin, which is pleasantly light and cool as a gentle touch? I only own a few 100% silk garments; yet, the ones I own, I love about everything and would never give it back. Here you can read about why I exchanged my pillow for a silk model last year.

Especially with such a material, quality and silk proportion are decisive, whether and for how long you can enjoy the garments. With mixed fabrics, I unfortunately have not always had good experiences. Often, I had the feeling that only a little silk was added to justify a high price without significantly affecting a comfortable fit. But just 100% high-quality silk pieces, which are smooth and glide softly through the hands, are absolutely golden!

Since a silk blouse is a key piece in every wardrobe (keyword Capsule Wardrobe), the purchase is worthwhile in my opinion. There are just as many possibilities as they could be combined; Stylishly styled with a pencil skirt or casual chic with jeans and statement belts, to name just two variants. I just wanted a fresh, modern summer outfit with pink shorts and matching vinyl heels with a transparent heel – Attention IT-Piece Alert! 😉

Honestly, in the summer I would prefer to wear only silk and in the winter only cashmere, but since things of superior quality are not quite cheap, it is worth investing in clothing pieces, which one can use a lot and combine well.

On June 15, the new brand Silk by Nancy will be available for luxurious clothing made of 100% silk. Their shop is filled with pure, 100% silk garments only! An absolute dream, don’t you think? So far, I don’t know any shop, which is specialized in silk fashion and I am glad to share with you this exclusive tip.

There will always be new clothes, such as blouses and pajamas; Here you can see a few current designs. It is always worthwhile to see whether your favorite part, which you have always wanted, is there. I am very excited about what’s coming and I’m absolutely convinced of the quality after the few times I have seen and touched the Silk by Nancy clothes; Coming from a very critical mind, when it comes to such a material.

The happiness to get to know new brands and the people behind it is, in addition to you dear readers, which are of course the most important to me (L), one of the reasons why I love this blog so much. With Nancy, from the start, I was thrilled about how much passion, precision, and enthusiasm she puts into her vision of the perfect silk fashion garments. What I especially appreciate is their positive attitude to life and that they are happy for every great moment (such as my SWR performance here) that I experience. Women supporting each other and celebrating their success together, is really a wonderful feeling!

You should definitely take a look at the Silk by Nancy shop when they launch on June 15, before all the good pieces are out of stock. The quality has convinced me and I just love the designs so much, that I am sure there will be a next blog about their silk clothing again. And next time, I’m doing an unboxing with you also, so you will be right there from the start!

How do you like the look? What material do you prefer most in summer? P.S. By no doubt, I just wanted to wear the shorts, even though my legs really need a tan. 😃


* in loving cooperation with Silk by Nancy