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Spring is the best time of the year (in my opinion), The flowers start to grow again, people start to look more happy, the sky gets blue and the best part is you get to change your closet from winter to spring! 

Here are the 3 must have Silk by Nancy items you need in your closet:

1. Our short sleeved flamingo blouse

This amazing blouse is inspired by the flamingos on the beautiful island of Bonaire, so it will make any outfit look tropical. It is a great spring blouse which you can also use as a summer look.

2. One of our amazing camisoles


The camisoe in part of a pj but ofcourse you could wear the top on to go. Especially if the weather is nice! We have our camisole in different colours and just added our spring ones with flamingos on it! Go check them out. 

3. Our pj bottoms

Our pj bottoms are super nice and airy which makes them perfect for spring (and maybe even for summer) of course you could also where them in bed but like shown in the picture you can wear them on the go and make them look super classy with a nice pair of heels.