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Silk pillow cases are amazing for your beauty sleep they say. How come you might wonder? When you are sleeping on a pillow your face and hair are most in touch with your pillowcase and that is exactly where you can make the most difference. Think about it: We spend a third of our lives in bed. By the time we are 60, we will have slept for an average of 20 years. 

We will try to sum up all the reasons why we love our Silk pillow cases, and some of the reasons we heard back from our many happy customers.

1. No more sleep lines

We all know the feeling of seeing your morning face in the mirror with with one big sleep line on your cheek. Hoping it goes away before you see anyone else. It's caused by fabrics like cotton and poly cotton for example because they are easy to bunch up and in doing so leave sleep lines on your face when you awake. Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons even say those sleep lines turn into permanent wrinkles. Silk satin is smooth and will not leave such marks on your face. 


2. Get more out of your expensive night creams

You just invested in expensive night creams and perhaps even hair masks which are then mostly absorbed by your pillowcase by the time it's morning. Even if you do not use any creams or hair masks, cotton pillowcases are robbing your face and hair of the natural moisture you have. 


3. Less knots, less split ends and less dryness for your hair

Silk is so smooth that it actually lets your hair slide over the pillowcase when you turn instead of creating unnecessary knots. Also the silk nurtures your hair which prevent dryness and therefore prevent split ends also. On top of that you will have a way less awefull bed head in the morning. Especially our curly customers let us know that the effect of a silk pillow case is tremendously good for your hair. 


 4. Naturally hypoallergenic 

Allergic to dust like we are? With a silk pillowcase you do not have to worry about that. A great thing about silk is that it includes a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens.


5. Less chemical exposure

Silk is produced from domesticated silk worms that are bred and raised in captivity. They have no predators to defend against and are pampered throughout their life, helping to produce a fine silk fiber with little chemical exposure. In contrast, many fabrics on the marketplace, are produced from chemically intensive crops that require pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments before making it to your bed sheets. 


On top of the beauty benefits mentioned above, Silk by Nancy pillowcases are also:


6. Easy to care for

You could wash them at a gentle cycle in the washing machine. 


7. Great luxury experience

Our Silk by Nancy pillow cases are 19 momme which feels perfectly smooth and thick. They are available in European standard size, king and queen size. Have them embroidered by us to make it unique. 


8. Great value for money

What other small investment can you do with such a big impact on your skin and hair over a long period of time. And for less than a $100?


9. Always the perfect temperature

Silk has the ability to regulate temperature. Feeling warm and soothing in the winter, and cool and comforting in the warmer months. Just perfect!


10. Special fabric special craftsman

When you buy your silk pillow case at Silk by Nancy you know for sure that your silk pillow case is handled by highly skilled seamstresses in India who are specialized in sewing silk fabric. You can also have it embroidered with a name to make it unique. Either way you will surely love your silk pillow cases just as much as everybody else! 


Let us know why you love our Silk pillowcases?