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In London, there are not only hip, classy and very pulsating places, but also a few very sweet rosé-colored corners that make girl dreams come true. Where these are exactly, I'll tell you something further down. How do you like my first London impressions and the matching outfit?

Peggy Porschen & Knightsbridge





Peggy Porschen, a Cologne-based designer of cakes, runs her beautiful café at Belgravia 116 Ebury Street, and has also baked the wedding stalls for celebrities such as Stella McCartney and Kate Moss. If you are looking for even more Pink, follow the sweet treat, just a little further in the direction of Knightsbridge to the dream house in Fourteen Trevor Square. In addition, I chose my outfit of the day in soft white and rose nuances. My all-time-favorite, Silk by Nancy's white silk blouse, was not missing. With gold high heels and a narrow belt, the look is chic yet remains clean and modern.

In the second and third London contribution I show you the way, the beautiful Notting Hill and a chic evening look, which you might not expect. I also tell you a few London insider tips, which we have rediscovered and and tell you which spots, really worth it. I would like to show you so many facets of London and I am very excited to see if you like the romantic, the exquisite and the cultural highlights with a respectively appropriate look.