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Of course all of our items are amazing but this one item is so good you can get two outfits out of it. Which one is it? Keep reading to find out! 

Our Silk by Nancy pajama blouse

Did you know our beautiful silk pj blouse is multifuctional? how? you may ask. First off you can wear it in bed with your matching pj bottoms, for a luxurious and calm sleep. Waking up in your Silk by Nancy pajama and staying in bed to eat your breakfast is one of the best feelings ever. 

PJ blouse in bed

Of course that is not the only way to wear your pajama blouse! If you look on our Instagram (@silkbynancy) you can see that we promote wearing your pj blouse as streetwear a lot because its a great way to buy one blouse and get two outfits out of it!

And of course if you want to be a little dearing you can wear the pj blouse with your matching pj bottoms as a whole outfit for on the go!

Our pj blouse as streetwear