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At Silk by Nancy we thrive to create the most luxurious and stylish silk designs that will last. It's always wonderful to see when fashion lovers and bloggers are in love with our designs and are exited to share this with their friends, family and fans through photos and videos on their social media channels. 
A couple of weeks ago Silk by Nancy met a lot of great people at the Friends of the Brands event in Amsterdam. It was lovely to actually meet some of the fashion bloggers from the Netherlands who were already following us on Instagram. 
Fashion bloggers have a way of inspiring others and that is exactly in line with our brand. There a so many ways to wear Silk by Nancy items and we are always happy to see the beautiful photos and videos starring our pieces. 
Here are some photos of the event. Click here to see the after movie. 
Nancy herself showing off our collection
The head of our studio in New Delhi where all our designs are hand made.
Our beautiful collection.
Our marketing manager showing our sleepwear. 
Its all about the fabric. Luxurious soft silk! 
Are you a fashion blogger or a Silk by Nancy fan? Please reach out to us so that we could feature your image on our IG page. 
Thank you for reading and until next time!