Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.

                                                                                               - Oscar de la Renta

Inspired by the luxury softness of the fabric and the intense femininity associated with it, Silk by Nancy is proud to offer you the highest quality sleepwear and blouses that are both versatile and long-lasting. Fashioned from natural fibres, silk feels pure and soft on a woman’s skin.

Nancy herself is a true inspirational entrepreneur who loves quality comfortable silk pieces in her modern wardrobe. Therefore she decided to create some of the most coveted and fine sleepwear that are cherished by modern and independent women.  Although silk is known to be quite expensive, Silk by Nancy nonetheless aims to offer you 100% silk garments in a more affordable price range without compromising quality. 

All our pieces are handmade in the Netherlands by highly skilled seamstresses, and can be personalized with your monograms if you wish. We are proud to have a small carbon footprint by manufacturing our collections in Amsterdam. Your SBN item will always be unique because we only make a few of each design. 

Did you know that silk is a breathable fibre, which means it can prevent you from feeling too cold or too warm during the night? Silk regulates the body temperature, helping to preserve the natural body heat during the night.

Some very interesting facts about silk:
  • Fantastic moisture wicking properties
  • Naturally repels moulds and mildew
  • Hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin

Silk is truly a timeless fabric. It’s easy to maintain, and can retain its sheen for years. Our range of sleepwear is soft, comfortable and versatile. It is the perfect wear for a Sunday morning when you laze about in bed, yet at the same time the perfect item to turn heads when combined with your favourite jeans or skirt!

Our range of silk sleepwear combines the latest trends in print, colour and cut to meet every independent woman’s style and taste.  The soft silk blouses will make you feel comfortable and peaceful whenever you decide to wear it.

Pick up any stylish, comfortable and luxury sleepwear or blouse of your choice, because it’s guaranteed to keep you cosy day and night.


Who is Nancy?Nancy Waerts
Nancy Waerts, wife, entrepreneur, mother, designer, dog lover, not necessarily in that order, is an inspirational Dutch woman who currently lives in the Dutch Caribbean. However, big cities like Amsterdam and New York are a huge source of inspiration for her.  She loves to travel the world and she knows that it is important to always take care of yourself first in order to take care of others.

Who does not like luxury?
During her search for luxury & comfortable nightwear for an affordable price, she decided to work with a local Amsterdam based seamstress. The amazing studio in Amsterdam employs a couple of highly skilled seamstresses who create hand made silk items. Nancy decided to have a fairly low carbon footprint by producing locally. One could say that sustainability is in Nancy's DNA.

Silk by Nancy is a way for her to express her creativity and passion for design.
In addition to her professional career, her three nearly adult children, her husband and their dog named van Dobbe are her biggest pride and passion.