Nancy operates from HQ in Dutch Caribbean.

Nancy, wife, entrepreneur, mother, designer, dog lover, not necessarily in that order, is an inspirational Dutch woman who currently lives in the Dutch Caribbean. However, big cities like Amsterdam and New York are a huge source of inspiration for her.  She loves to travel the world and she knows that it is important to always take care of yourself first in order to take care of others. Silk by Nancy is a way for her to express her creativity and passion for design. In addition to her professional career, her three nearly adult children, her husband and their dog named van Dobbe are her biggest pride and passion. 



Sanchitaa operating from  her studio in New Delhi, India

Sanchitaa is a Designer, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Skill trainer from New Delhi India. At one end she designs for celebrity, films, TV and on the other end she has been training weavers, craftsmen and tribes in the villages of India to make them self reliant for more than a decade. Joining hands with “Silk by Nancy” brought more cheers to her studio as together they are aiming for added women empowerment and self sustainability programs for the economically weaker section of the society.

Dyonne operating from the office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dyonne is a marketing manager, wife and mompreneur from the Netherlands. Always trying to add value to other peoples lives, doing what she loves, and further developing herself, as a young professional she aims to do it all, yet keeping a healthy balance in life. She loves the playing field of marketing and sales where she can use her creativity and curiosity for new things. Outside her professional life she loves to create beautiful memories with her husband and two kids. She is more than happy to be part of the Silk by Nancy team which gives her energy and shows that luxurious fashion can also be very sustainable. 



Nina operating from the office in Amsterdam,the Netherlands

Nina Jansen is a 19 year old communication and marketing student. She is assisting the Silk by Nancy team in Amsterdam with whatever she can. Yet her main areas of focus are the Silk by Nancy social media channels, influencer marketing, and customer service. Nina wants all clients of Silk by Nancy to have the best experience possible with the company and she stops at nothing to achieve her goals. Nina lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and loves to read, spend time with her family and in her free time she also loves studying American politics.