Describe your style in 3 words: 
feminine, sophisticated, rosy
What do you love the most about blogging?
Ok, there are at least three favorite things about blogging: 1. That I can combine my love for fashion, art, writing and new media. 2. I also love to share new products, chic styles and special experiences as well as my daily life with a lovely community. 3. It’s always a pleasure to get to know and connect with other passionate, creative and optimistic, cheerful people.
What is the highlight of you blogging career thus far?
Lucky me. I’ve already met some really great people (innovative designers, smart business women & men, celebrities…) and could attend some highlight events like the exclusive Escada event at the horserace in Baden-Baden. But beside the interesting people I’ve met and several live, television and online interviews I gave. My first visit of the Paris Fashion Week last year, was definitely my greatest highlight so far. 
You live in Karlsruhe. What do you love about your city?
I always love to visit the ZKM | Center for Art and Media. According to the international ranking ( it’s under the five most important museums of the world, in a row with MoMA and co. It’s always worth a visit, because the exhibitions are up to date and fun at the same time. You have many interactive installations, like ‚Bubbles’ you can play with around.
Another thing I love about Karlsruhe, is that it’s one of the most sunny cities in Germany. So you really can enjoy the hugh castle park and in the summer months there is also a great 3-D light show called ‚Sommerlichtspiele’ on the castle front with shows of international video artists. 
And I love the people, who live here, because they are mostly down-to-earth, friendly, open-hearted and can enjoy life.
What is your favorite moment of the day?
It always was the (late) evening (I’m a night worker), because then I’m most creative, communicative, productive etc. But since I’m a new mum, it turned out to be the morning recently. To begin the day with the cutest smile of my little babygirl is priceless. 
What is your favorite Silk by Nancy piece?
Definitely the White Bow Blouse. It’s perfect for my capsule wardrobe. And always good to combine. 
What are the 3 things you always carry with you?
Concealer (let’s be honest ;D), smartphone (obviously a must) and most important a heartwarming, true and open smile, because I truly belief in inside - out beauty. 
What is a timeless item that you have in your closet?
Also the White Blouse of Silk by Nancy and my little black Saint Laurent monogram bag. White and black will always be colors you can wear, no matter what trend will be upcoming next. 
What is the best fashion/style secret you have ever received?
There are so many good ones, but I love Armani’s saying: „Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”. There is also one from me, I want give to you: If you try on new clothes, don’t (only) listen to the words in your mind, instead look after how you move. I immediately know if a dress is ‚mine‘ resp. ‚made for me‘,  when I smile, start to turn around and play with the clothing. Because then its already yours, you fill it with joy, you bring it to life.